International Workshop on Software Engineering in Post-PC Age

24 August, 2000; Beijing, China

This workshop is a co-located event of the International Federa- tion for Information Processing, World Computer Congress of 2000 (IFIP WCC2000), under the subconference, International Confer- ence on Software: Theory and Practice (ICS2000), 20-25 August, 2000, Beijing.

Motivation: Since 1987, Software EngineersAssociation (SEA) of Japan has been conducting a series of international technical symposia in China in the Autumn every year: China-Japan Software Symposium (1987-90), International CASE Symposium (1991-95), and International Symposium on Future Software Technology ISFST since 1996. The next ISFST2000 will be held in Guiyang city (the capital of Guizhou Province), 28-30 August, as a satellite event of ICS2000. And this Workshop (IWSEPPA) is planned to be a prelude for ISFST within ICS2000.

The computing environment around us has been changed rapidly and will keep changing in future. The widening coverage of the Internet and also exploding application of micro-electronic technology will also bring heavy impact on the environment for software development and management in the coming century. Maybe it is necessary for us to reconstruct the framework of software engineering somehow. This workshop aims to provide an opportun- ity to discuss about possible changes in software engineering in the near future for researchers, engineers and managers who are interested in practical application of software engineering.

Themes: The main themes of the symposium are

Organizing Staff:

ISFST2000 Program Co-Chairs:

Prof. Dookwon Baik (Korea University, Korea)
Prof. Xiang Li (Guizhou University, China)
Prof. Hideo Nakano (Osaka City University, Japan)

ICS2000 PC Members in charge of IWSEPPA:

Mr. Kouichi Kishida (SRA, Japan)
Prof. Tetsuo Tamai (University of Tokyo, Japan)

IWSEPPA Workshop Co-Chiars:

Mr. Akira Kumagai (PFU, Japan)
Prof. Yuqing Gu (ASTI Beijing, China)

Invited Speakers:
IWSEPPA plans to invite 2-3 keynote speakers to kick-off the open discussions among the attendees. We call for proposals for invited speakers and topics by 15 May 2000.

Paper Submission:
People who want to attend IWSEPPA should sub- mit a position statement (1 to 3 pages) written in English. Authors are requested to submit their paper via e-mail or fax to SEA's office by May 10 2000.

Contact address:

SEA Office (Attn: Kouichi Kishida, Secretary General)
3-12 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004, Japan
Tel: +81 3 3356 1077
Tel: +81 3 3356 1072

Important Dates:

May 15, 2000
Position statements and proposals for invited speakers due at SEA's office.
June 15, 2000
Notification of acceptance.
July 20, 2000
Final camera-ready copy for proceedings.